My name is Christina Ward. As an artist and an avid animal lover and conservationist, I have found a happy place where these two great passions of mine can merge together for the greater good. 


I believe in creating pieces of art that have an environmental focus and using my work as a form of activism. The constant barrage of doom and gloom news headlines - climate change, species demise and extinction, habitat destruction - dilute the true message and lead to a dispassionate dismissal of the information. Art, however, has the brilliant ability to distill complex information into a single and compelling image.  Wildlife art has the power to really capture an audience and highlight the uniqueness and preciousness of the world’s creatures - therefore spreading messages in new and engaging ways. It is my hope that my pieces and creations will inspire people to look deeper into the subject - fall in love with the subject - spread the word and maybe, just maybe - make a commitment to that species and participate in conservation initiatives to save them.

Art work includes murals, paintings, graphic design, merchandise development, logos, and print media.  A portion of the proceeds from my work goes straight into my non-profit: Save the Giants.

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